Covid has reminded us to enjoy ones freedoms and to seize the moment ! Play Squash - why not !!

Current draw information as well as dates for the entire 2024 year can be found under 'Current Draws etc' tab above.

Updated: 16/07/2024

2024 dates for ASJI have been confirmed and they are as follows:

Term 1:

  • There will be no draw in Term 1 for 2024

Term 2 (2 draws):

  • Draw 1 - April 28 & May 5 = completed !
  • Draw 2 - June 9 & 16 Venue = completed !  

Term 3 (2 draws):

  • Draw 1 - August 4 & 11 = entries OPEN
  • Draw 2 - September 15 & 22 = entries OPEN

Term 4 (1 draw):

  • Draw 1 - October 20 & 27


Term 3 entries are open NOW



Paul and Joelle have just started another blistering season on the tough international circuit, and Paul as at #2 ranking, but vying hard to get the #1 back.

Joelle has backed off a bit, and with a lack of recent matchplay has dropped to #22 but is still very much a force to be reckoned with.



Paul Coll is currently WORLD #2

Joelle King is currently WORLD #22

Their success is helping many others...but we all start somewhere


*** note division bands and venues may change once entries are confirmed ***

Want to know more?...explore this website!! on ''Current Draws, Venues and Future Venues" and then open various PDFs to see all draws, all venues, and all dates.

HELP  ! -  Not sure where you might be playing??.... phone/text/email the coordinator for advice.

Our Top Guns  ...  how good are they!

Follow our top kiwi squash players Joelle and Paul... These  two have led the way for other Kiwis tio follow...and they are...Joelle is easing off but Paul is pushing hard to regain the #1......c'mon Kiwis!!

​​​​​​​Our Top Lady - Joelle King known as Joey has been a world-class top ten player for quite a few years now and luck comes her way from time to time - winning various tournaments. Her star has faded a little, as the next generation have forced their way into the top 20. Joey - still a force !

Currently #22 World ranking, Great stuff Joey!

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Our Top Bloke - Paul Coll aka Superman has been at the top level for a few years  - but it's tough!  - he continues to strive for the best he can be and made it to World #1...(the highest spot so far!), but since has been knocked ...and has rebounded to  #2...oh so close...again...Go, Paul!

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* watch them in action, PSA squash on Youtube

Welcome to our Auckland Squash Junior Interclub Website.

The aim of this competition is to provide an environment for Juniors to play regular squash matches - to learn how to play, compete, referee, and 'grow' in one of the world’s widely played and best games - Squash.

The lower divisions of this competition are for the most junior of juniors....this is where it starts folks.

The higher divisions of this competition are the perfect conveyor belt for senior competition.

  • Everyone is different and will learn this compelling and competitive game at varying speeds.
  • Ultimately we want you to enjoy this competition - "win or lose".



Junior Interclub – is only for Junior players with 0 to 1500 points, per the NZ grading list (old system) .  Currently, players from 21 clubs from across Auckland play in this competition.

This competition provides an opportunity for REGULAR Sunday morning interclub matches for juniors at a variety of locations around Auckland.

AGE is somewhat irrelevant, it's all about individual skill...  the average age of most players is about 12~13...and the range is about 6~17 years.  Players are sorted into divisions by skill level based on Grading Points.

Check your Points and get your Player Code here


This competition is typically played on a Sunday morning throughout the year during the School Terms...normally this means two clusters (OMG did someone say clusters...) of 2 Sundays during the 2 pairs of sundays...mid and late-term.


Venues are across Auckland - lower-grade players with under 500 points should be able to play at a reasonably local venue.  Higher-grade players will need to travel a little further but will enjoy the close competition against different opposition.


We do our best to avoid clashes, but it's not always possible...but if this is your problem, just ask - often ASJI matches can be re-arranged, but the onus will be on you to travel to your opponent's club to get the match played.


These are paid online at the time of online registration. Refunds - are at the discretion of the organiser. In the event of  "Covid-Interruptus" or any other reason, then 25% will be retained to cover admin costs which are incurred regardless.

Term 3: 2024

> Entries for Term 3  = entries are OPEN

Draw 1: August 4 & 11  - Venue = tbc

Draw 2: September 15 & 22  =  Venue = tbc

> go to the above tab: Register to play

...the usual 4-round Draw...2 double rounds will be each Sunday.

> Entry fee  ~  $7.50 / game  = $30 per draw. This is good value, many tournaments are $10/game

Entries for the next Term Draw....will be opened when the current Term finishes.

ASJI Player Shirts

Made from sure-to-win modern material to guarantee you will stay cool under pressure...these are great playing shirts...and come in colour choices of one !..AKL colours of Royal Blue with White lettering... Buy yours for $35 together with your registration see what they look like - go to Tab: ASJI Shirts etc


Eye injuries might be seldom...but they will be sudden, unexpected, and life-changing.  All players are to wear safety eyewear full-stop (please). These can be purchased online together with the registration fee or go shopping !! - they are available from Squash pro shops, Squash AK, and Rebel sports stores or online - but we suggest trying before you buy if possible.


ASJI doesn't typically hand out prizes to the winners - everyone is a winner in our eyes ...but ASJI does have a policy of reimbursing Host clubs for court hire, lights, balls, and score sheets. To date that's about $ 15,500....nice one! We also heavily subsidised 50 of #Love Squash T-shirts, offer loyalty discounts from time to time, and recently discounted post-Covid-19 entries....and did our best to hold credits due to Covid disruption because we genuinely want to promote the sport and keep clubs in business.   

$$  PRIZE MONEY - OMEGA and ALPHA divisions (only) - the top 4 players will collect ca$h prizes...


Any registered squash player (under 1500 pts) from any club is welcome to join in this competition which is typically played on a Sunday morning between 8.30am and 1.30pm, during the school term.

  • The venues and divisions are quite a simple format.
  • We try to use Venues that are best suited to the player base of that division.
  • Each Draw is made up of players of similar grading points to ensure they are evenly matched, i.e. a points band of about 200 points.
  • Each Draw is played at a single venue over 2 weeks, with a double round each week.
  • Each player will have 4 matches per draw (each match is played to the best of 5 games).
  • After Draw #1 is finished players are then re-sorted based on their new player points, Draw #2 is then played - probably at a different venue for the balance of the term.  


  • Term 1 - the New Year ... it's always a challenge when it's hot and sunny and the beach we get underway in mid-March for one draw to give you a chance to get in some practice before the competition gets underway. 
  • Term 2 - We will be starting in April that means two double rounds - for a total of 4 matches, then we do the same format again in June, with refreshed draws.
  • Term 3 - There are 2 draws per term, so that’s 8 matches in total.  Format like Term 2, starting August 2024.
  • Term 4 - Pre Xmas finish the year amongst those exams.. we will do a single draw of two double rounds = 4 matches. 


SCORING - PAR (Point a Rally) matches played to "best of 5 games"...."Finish at 15".

With light systems becoming automated at some clubs we need to adhere to our allotted court time, so we have successfully been playing games that "Finish at 15"... full-stop!

This allows players a decent amount of court time to win their game, but avoids never-ending matches that ruin the timetable!

Mixed Competition  -  Boys and Girls Playing Nicely (?) Together?

All Draws are we believe this is in the best interests of the players.  Players are sorted by their Unified Grading List points - which are not always a true indication of a player's current ability.  Some new squash players can be improved very quickly and the rate of progress is just different for every player....there are many factors.  So while some uneven matches may occur...that's squash... the next match should be a closer game and so on.

Players are then re-sorted for the next Draw based on their new points level.  All games - wins and losses - contribute to a player's collective experience - and should be used positively to help develop their ability to develop a strategy to win the next game!

  • Did you lose? It doesn't matter as much as you think! Give any game your best 100% right to the end.
  • Why did you lose? - identify the problem - what can you change?
  • Work on your weaknesses and the wins will come.
  • Did you win?  Great...enjoy the moment... thank your warned your next game will probably be harder..!
  • This is a competitive sport ...and squash is marvelously challenging!
  • Ultimately we hope you enjoyed your or lose...and made a squash-buddy friend along the way.

Current participating clubs are:

CENTRAL:   Titirangi, Herne Bay, Remuera, Eden Epsom, Te Papapa, Royal Oak, Panmure, Howick, Manurewa, Papakura, Onewhero, and Franklin.

NORTHERN:   Warkworth, Red Beach, Silverdale, Browns Bay, North Shore, Belmont Park, Devonport, and Shepherds Park.

WESTERN:     Kumeu, Titirangi, and Henderson.

  • If you are from a different club than the above, you're still welcome, but send us an email first - to discuss how and where we can fit you in.

OUR HISTORY:  Final results per "Final Results" tab.

We started in 2016 Term 3 - with 280 games  -  WHAT A START ...and we haven't looked back...! After twelve months we had completed 1,000 matches...and in 2022: Term 2 we have just clipped our 4,100th match !!  Imagine if we didn't have this...

Coincidence?  More junior players are entering Open Tournaments than have done in the past few years because Squash is awesome!


    In 2016 we trialed a new format for junior interclub matches with ditto divisions for Central and Northern clubs for 0-500 points players and Combined divisions for higher players of 500-1600 points, and its success has led to the formation of this website and a much larger competition. In 2018 Western clubs joined the action...and while some Southern players participate we have been unable to achieve a Southern competition.

    The growth in interest and junior competitor all good news for these players and for club membership too.  The format is simple.  It’s fair.  And the squash is great!

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator:


    for your Steel Joinery (security) needs :-